Celebrating Freedom! – Day 10 of the Blog Challenge

Day 10 Challenge: I want you to think back to the journey you’ve been on in the last 10 days. And in today’s blog post, I want you to write about:

  1. What you enjoyed most about your experience of taking part in the blog challenge
  2. Your favorite challenge day and why

  3. The biggest takeaway you’ve had from it

  4. The next step you’re going to take to make your freedom plan a reality

1 – The best part was doing to the challenge with one of my roommates.  She talked me into joining and I’ve enjoyed discussing each day’s topic with her.  We have very different dreams (hers is to travel as a digital nomad and mine is to build a brick and mortar business in my home city) and it has helped to see what similarities there are.  Plus it’s just fun to discuss interesting topics with a smart lady.

2 – My favorite day was where I envisioned my perfect day.  It helped me get very concrete about what my future will look and feel like.  I realized that I am looking forward to the day to day of running a business and that I see myself staying plugged in to the AA program.

3 – My biggest take away is that building a network of mentors is going to be a huge part of my success.  I’ve started a list of ladies I would like to contact and network with.

4 – My next step will be to continue the habits I am developing here.  Every morning I will get up and plan my day complete with MITs .  I may even keep blogging, especially if I can manage to add a few photos.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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