Beating Procrastination And Overwhelm – Day 7 of the Blog Challenge

Day 7 Challenge: For today’s challenge I want you to pick one imperfect action that you can take every day that will move you closer to the life you have envisioned. Write a post about why you chose the particular action and what you imagine it will be like if you do it every day for the next 30 days.

The older I get, the better I am at imperfection. Not that I was perfect in the past and I’m getting less perfect as time go on, I’m just getting more comfortable with my current lack of perfection.  These days I start with the assumption that I’ll be imperfect and that I’ll learn from the experience and that I’ll get better as I go along.

Cookies are a good example.  This Tuesday I made shortbread cookies for the first time in recent history and they were ok but not great.  The dough sort of melted during the baking so it lost the trademark fork prints and then the whole mass of cookie fell apart and looked more like a model of tectonic plates than a dessert.  That night I looked up what the folks at America’s Test Kitchen had to say on the subject and made some adjustments to the recipe.  Yesterday I made the updated recipe and had a much better result.  There are still one or two things I’d like to do differently next time, but I now have a solid recipe and technique under my belt.

Back to that one imperfect action, I choose ‘applying for one job a day’.  As I look for a job in New Orleans, I am picking at least one opening and sending in my resume and cover letter (after editing each to match the posting details.) I’m also reading posts on Pinterest to improve that base resume and cover letter until hiring managers can not help but see what an awesome employee/team member/cast member I would be.  If I keep doing it for 30 days, I see myself getting interviews for accounting positions.  If not, I see myself getting some other work and knowing that I tried my best to find something in accounting so it wasn’t meant to be. Although I have a preference, either one would be a good outcome.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7


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