Unlocking Your Superpowers – Day 4 of the Blog Challenge

Today’s Task: What are my superpowers and how will they help me realize my dream?

Superpower #1: My Smile.

No seriously, I think my smile is one of my strengths.  I’ve had random people stop me on the street to compliment it for years and I was recently recommended for a job based on it. Back when I was a Disney intern, I was told that one of the reasons Betty White got so many acting jobs was because she was a really nice person and people enjoyed working with her. That story has stayed with me and I make an effort to be as friendly and helpful as I am able. (Note, that does not mean that I am always friendly and helpful.  Everybody has days when they are out of fairy dust.)  My smile will help me get work as I save for my B&B, deal with contractors and vendors as I build my business, and then create a welcoming environment when I am running my B&B.

Superpower #2: Cooking from scratch.

I can cook from scratch.  Even better, I like to cook using whole food ingredients.  And best of all, people seem to like to eat this from scratch cooking.  This superpower will help me reach my goals by 1. saving me money on groceries and gifts while I build my down payment 2. generating side income from selling cakes or working as a personal chef, or 3. being a networking opportunity in a city obsessed with food.

Superpower #3: Teaching

I like learning. I also like sharing things that I learn.  When I worked with EY, I enjoyed leading training sessions for the other accountants and designing guides and templates to make their jobs easier.  Before that, I enjoyed teaching Michael Leen and Catherine cooking lessons.  So, since it is something that I can do, something that I like to do, and something that not everyone else can do, it is totally as superpower.  I’m not sure how it will help me reach my goals yet, but it certainly won’t hurt.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4



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