Creating A Vision For The Future – Day 3 of the Blog Challenge

My Perfect Day starts with the smell of coffee.  I automatically wake up at 6:30 when the pre-set coffee maker turns on and starts brewing.  I walk past it on my way out the back door and start my one mile morning jog.  A mile is long enough to be worth the effort but not so long that I talk myself out of going. Plus my shower feels great after I get back.

Showered, dressed, and with my hair pulled back in a French braid, I get breakfast started.  I double check that the table is set correctly for this morning’s guests and I open the windows and turn on the lights.  In the kitchen, I heat the casserole and oatmeal and cut up the fruit.  Once the guests come downstairs, I set out the bread and butter, coffee and cream and tea.

Once breakfast has been served and the guests have left, I clear away the dishes and put away the serving pieces. I decide to save the fruit for tomorrow’s cobbler and package up the left overs for tonight’s AA meeting at Grace House.  (I can cut up the sweet breakfast casserole and serve it as a coffee cake.) After the kitchen is clean, I have my breakfast with a second cup of coffee.

Guests are checking out today so I print out their bill and check emails while they get their bags together.  After they check out I strip the linens and start the laundry.  When Ellen, a woman I met at Grace House, arrives at 11, she cleans the room, remakes the bed, and restocks the towels.

We have quiche and coleslaw for lunch and then Ellen weeds the raised beds in the back yard.  I take stock of the produce on hand and double check my menu for the rest of the week.  I will go to the farmer’s market on Tuesday, but I can avoid at trip to the grocery store until Wednesday or Thursday.  Since the bananas are looking brownish and the zucchini are in season, I make a loaf of banana bread and a chocolate and zucchini cake to freeze.

There is enough time for an hour of bookkeeping before making a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich and meeting my sponsee for coffee before the meeting. There is a late check in today so Ellen is staying to watch the B&B and welcome the guests.  At the meeting, I set up the casserole -turned-coffee cake and listen to the speaker.  Afterwards, I stand in the parking lot chatting with friends and eventually head back home.

I go through my pre-bed checklist and set up the coffee maker for the next morning.  Then I go to bed and sleep until 6:30 the next morning.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

#10DBC #freedomplan






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