Discovering Your Why -Day 2 of the Blog Challenge

Today’s question is ‘Why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?’ What a packed sentence.

First, I’ll say a bit about my freedom lifestyle.  It is a life free from fear (fear of unemployment, fear of getting sick, fear of being lonely).  It is a life of community.  It is a life of purpose. To my understanding, a freedom lifestyle is what I create when I am doing work that I am good at to further a purpose that I care about in a place that I love.  In my case, that will be running a bed & breakfast and caring for travelers in New Orleans.  Mix a healthy dose of volunteering and staying active in the recovery community and I’ll be in my own personal heaven.

I enjoy cooking and sharing food.  I love creating order and making spaces comfortable.  I really like sharing my favorite restaurants and shops with travelers.  Most of all, I like being helpful and feeling like I am part of a community.  Living a freedom lifestyle allows me to do the things that make me feel like I am living my life well and making a contribution.  That is my why.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2 [insert URL for this blog post, which is]

#10DBC #freedomplan


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