Finding Your Focus – Day 1 of the Blog Challenge

Today’s topic is 1. What are the 2 or 3 biggest challenges I face? 2. Why are they holding me back?

In order to identify a challenge to living my life of freedom I have to first figure out what my life of freedom looks like.  Luckily, I have spent the last few months doing just that.  My life of freedom is one where I own and run a bed & breakfast in New Orleans.  That is what I want to do and where I want to do it.

It’s not shocking that my first challenge is an overall lack of focus.  I work best in a structured physical environment with a to-do list and some colored pens.  At the moment, I am living in a hostel where I share a dorm room with two other workers, share a communal kitchen and bathroom, and work from 10-12 with the rest of the day free.  I have plenty of freedom, but not a lot of productivity.

It is difficult for me to focus when there are people constantly coming and going.  For example, this morning I tried to listen to Natalie’s video twice before giving up and heading to the dorm room to find some quiet.  As I write this, my two roommates have relocated to the dorm so my next option may be finding a library or coffee shop.

The other difficulty is not having a plan where I can track my progress towards my goals.  One of my current goals is to get a job in New Orleans which is pretty nebulous.  I send at least one application per day, but I have been pretty haphazard about searching for positions and keeping track of which resumes I have sent and whether I have gotten a response.  Not having a clear map of how to get to my goal makes that goal seem farther away and more difficult to reach. Now that I’ve identified that problem, I will start working on creating a map (complete with mile markers and gold stars along the way.)

My second challenge is logistics –  I am looking for work in New Orleans, but I am currently in St Augustine.  The benefits are that I am staying in a beautiful and interesting area, I’m staying rent free, and I’m living with beautiful and inspiring people.  The downside is that I’m far away and networking is more difficult.  Once I get to New Orleans, I will be able to attend Rotary meetings, have lunch with previous co-workers, or drop by businesses and speak with the manager directly.  I will also be readily available to meet and to start working.

Day 1 of the Blog Challenge – Done!

#10DBC #freedomplan

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 []”


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