Greetings from Florida

20160420_094551 (1)

I will have been in Orlando for two weeks tomorrow (I don’t know why I thought that I’d be here for two and a half) and it has been a very good trip.  Here are some of the more interesting bits:

  • My oldest younger sister, Meg, took and hopefully passed the professional engineering exam on the 15th.  She feels good about how she did and we went out for a celebratory dinner of garlic knots and pizza after she finished.
  • My youngest younger sister, Cait, and my mom completed the Star Wars Half Marathon last week (this is the good news) despite my mom’s fall at mile 4 where she broke her left arm (this is the bad news).
  • I spent several days playing in the Disney parks by myself and with my mom and sister.  Since I’m related to multiple cast members and I used to work for Disney, I have the advantage of taking my time to happily wander around and see what is new while going on my favorite rides instead of trying to see all the things at all the parks within two days.  Highlights were going on the Jungle River Cruise for the first time and the Haunted Mansion for the 14th time (or so) with Cait, riding Expedition Everest twice in 10 minutes, and seeing Kawaii: The Culture of Cute exhibit in Japan at Epcot.
  • I spent 3 hours looking for shoes at nearly every store in a massive outlet only to find the perfect pair of Converse at the very last one.  To the Converse fans who told me that they would make my feet look smaller and not like a clown, you were so right and I am sorry for ever doubting you.  I love them.
  • I’ve developed a crush on Winter Garden which has a really nice Saturday morning farmer’s market that sells an assortment of things from vegetables and homemade pies to steam punk jewelry and dog capes. The main street is walkable, there is a really wonderful bike trail, and the new apartment and retail construction is in the same style as the rest of the town.  Meg and Brooks found a house nearby and I am very, very envious.

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