Jean Lafitte National Historical Park


and preserve.

When I told folks that I’d be leaving New Orleans to work and ramble around Europe, I usually heard “What does your mom think about this?”  Almost immediately after that was “Take pictures.  Take lots of pictures.  And then post them somewhere that the rest of us can see them.”  Since it was a command and not a suggestion, I decided to 1) start this blog to share what I see and do on my trip and 2) get better at taking photos.  To that end, here is another photo of the swamp.


On my last full day in Louisiana, I visited the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve with a group of Tulane art students.  The kids were great, the weather was close to perfect, and the irises (see above) were in bloom.  We even saw a few alligators and a possible cottonmouth snake… from a great distance.

Potentially venomous creatures aside, I highly recommend a trip out to the preserve to see the swamp.  The trails are really well constructed and it is easy to forget that you are within a few miles of a busy city.  As one person mentioned while I was there, “This is so much better than a zoo.”





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